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Spare Parts Logistics

Yantra Commerce Warehouse Management has an inherent advantage over its competitors for Spare Parts Logistics Management due to its wide coverage of functional areas involved in spare parts logistics, flexibility to customize to the business needs, and scalability to accommodate rapid growth.

Service Request Management

Track all associated legs including Returns, Transfers, Work Orders, Fulfillment, and Field Service Legs.

Yantra Commerce based Service Request management allows for the association of multiple legs to service requests based on service types. These legs and service requests are integrated within the warehouse management solution allowing for real-time status updates. 

Install Base Management

Yantra Commerce allows for Install Base management along with all the warranties contracts associated with it. Custom business rules for service management can be defined against these warranties. Install Base SKUs can be serial tracked and tag controlled for customization of service options, managing recalls and performing preventive maintenance.

Warehouse Management

Yantra Commerce can smoothen the warehouse operations, whether it is managing returns, serial tagging for tracking repairs and returning to the customers, handling inventory supplies from vendors, optimizing inventory putaway and storage, performing SKU conversion, kitting or de-kitting, or outbound shipment for fulfillment. Processes could be standardized across multiple warehouses resulting in optimization and efficiency.

Supply Chain Inventory Visibility

Yantra Commerce can consume and consolidate net inventory in various statuses and segments based on inventory feeds from multiple sources. It can track and maintain inventory segments dedicated to a customer and usage purpose. The visibility of parts can be managed at the serial or tag info level.

Warranty or Contract Management

Yantra Commerce makes warranty or contract management for the Install Base harmonious through proactive monitoring for renewals. The system can automate activities related to renewal. Further, warranty that requires periodic preventive maintenance can be monitored to trigger the field service request for field agents to fulfill.

Value Added Service

Modern warehouses not only manage inventory storage but also provide value addition on inventory by performing Kitting, De-Kitting, Repairing, Customizing for Made-To-Order or Made-To-Customer scenarios, etc. Yantra Commerce can manage work order life cycle for these for Value Added Services with the objective of maximizing labor utilization.

YANTRA Reverse Logistics Case Study

Learn about how one of our customers transformed their reverse logistics operations with our product! 

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