Streamline Your Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics has become essential in managing the e-commerce and spare parts businesses. With the appropriate processes, returned parts can easily be redirected to fulfill new customer demand. Improving these backend operations can provide significant competitive advantages to an organization.

Yantra Commerce can help you run your Reverse Logistics operations like a well-oiled machine. Our solution will model the entire end to end Reverse Logistics supply chain, not just the customer interfacing leg like other solutions. This key differentiator is pivotal for managing the effectiveness of the solution to monitor and improve the efficiency of handling and extracting value from returned items. Our solution even provides the option to automate end to end operations for even the most complex supply chains.

Some of the key features that provide Yantra Commerce its competitive edge includes: Return Orchestration, Install Base Management, Service Request Management, Vendor Collaboration, and Warranty Management. These key features are detailed below.

Return Orchestration

Return Order Lifecycle Management provides the ability to model even the most complex return processes. Whether it is as simple as crediting an item or more complex multiple stage process, Yantra Commerce can manage manual or fully automated processes, including providing updates throughout the return cycle. This allows for ease in validating complex business rules, aiding in related returns decision making, and maximizes value extraction.

Install Base Management

Yantra Commerce Install Base Management module supports tracking of both simple and composite SKUs. Return orders from customers and warranty agreements can be linked to the Install Base. Managing the Install Base is vital for maximizing the net worth of a customer and servicing them effectively.

Service Requests Management

When dealing with Spare Parts Management, these requests can consist of multiple legs for work orders, transfers, inbound and outbound shipments. These can be managed as a single service request from a customer but associated with multiple reverse logistics operations in the background. Yantra Commerce Service Request Management module allows for the association of multiple legs to service requests based on service types. These legs may have independent or interdepend statuses from either internal or 3rd party entities.

Warranty Management

Warranty of spare parts for return acceptance verification or servicing customers based on the warranty terms can be a tedious task. Reverse Logistics of parts are often however governed by the warranty contract with the customers. With Yantra Commerce, warranty conditions can be maintained for customers, install bases, individual parts, and part’s component and validated in real time during the management of the return or service requests from customers.