Modeling a Frictionless Customer Delivery Experience

Consumer’s expectations are evolving. More than ever, consumers are wanting a more flexible, reliable and quick shopping and delivery experience. Can your fulfillment solutions keep up? Discover what today’s consumers consider the most important when choosing where to buy and learn how YANTRA Commerce can provide a frictionless customer delivery experience.  

Top B2C Consumer Expectations 

Detailed Inventory Visibility 

  • View if items are in-stock or out-of-stock in various store locations
  • See more details regarding an item’s availability status, not just if the item is in or out of stock

 Reliable Cross Channel Support 

  • Detailed order status via any channel
  • Consistent cross-channel pricing
  • Buy online, return in store
  • Store associates can complete an online order for an item that is out-of-stock in store
  • Interact with a retailer via a mobile device while in store shopping
  • Start an order on one platform and change it or complete it in another

Consistent Item Fulfillment 

  • In-stock on items they want to buy
  • Store associates can quickly and efficiently find an out-of-stock item at an in-stock location and provide options to deliver this item to the consumer

Quick, Reliable, and Convenient Delivery 

  • Consistent accurate, on-time delivery
  • Provide delivery as quick as the next-day, same-day or within the next hour
  • Buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS)

How Can YANTRA Commerce Help?

YANTRA Commerce offers a suite of products to help you deliver the perfect customer experience-oriented supply chain. 

YANTRA Warehouse Management System

  • Track, monitor, and manage all inventory
  • Real time visibility into your inventory to allow you to accurately report and update your customers on product availability
  • Supports multi-site management with a single instance
  • Quickly roll out custom processes by site or customer 
  • Flexible task-based operations
  • Rapid deployment templates

YANTRA Inventory Management System 

  • Is a lite WMS that supports a hyperlocal model
  • Track, monitor, and manage all assets and events 
  • Supports multi-site management with a single instance
  • Manage transfers, replenishments, depreciation, quality checks, and assignments all from one tool 
  • Optimize asset and repair management for equipment 
  • Customizable alerts for inventory expiry and use FEFO/FIFO to also manage inventory 

YANTRA Mobile 

  • Is a modern, user friendly execution tool for your warehouse employees
  • Enables efficient order filling to ensure that the committed delivery dates to your customers are met
  • Can run on any mobile device that supports HTML5
  • Adapts to any device size
  • Auto suggest feature
  • Extensible and scalable framework

YANTRA Control Tower

  • Provides oversight into your end-to-end order processing to ensure you meet all customer expectations
  • Proactive and customizable monitoring and alerts of all systems
  • Automated supply chain workflows and issue resolution
  • Produces business and system data reports and strategic insight

YANTRA Connect 

  • Simplifies integration between third party applications
  • Allows for seamless system interaction to provide a consistent cross channel shopping experience
  • Real time B2B transaction visibility
  • Drag-and-drop designer with visual data mapping and debugging

YANTRA Reverse Logistics 

  • Track detailed return status
  • Manage repairs for the customer
  • Control how returns are processed
  • Automate stock transfers and consolidations
  • Automate routing to processing facilities or third parties
  • Manage refurbishment

YANTRA Subscription

  • Offer customers the convenience of automated subscription orders
  • Automate soft reservations, order creation and delivery scheduling for future orders
  • Manage subscription orders via UI or headless