Making Your Supply Chain Work For You 

YANTRA Commerce provides a suite of products designed to support and optimize supply chain functionality for the future. Our solutions have been implemented in various customers to help meet the gap for multiple supply chain needs. To learn more, check out below how one of our customers benefited by using YANTRA Commerce for both as a warehouse solution provider and as a UI provider.

Case Study: YANTRA WMS & YANTRA Mobile

Customer Problem: 

An educational supplies and furniture company needed a warehouse management system to better manage the huge shift in volume between their off-season and peak season.

During peak season, the DCs would ship up to 125k order lines per day. Given these high order lines, delays were not an option. But due to the off-season and peak season dynamic, temporary workers were employed, which would lead to inevitable mistakes and over a thousand tickets annually with 24 hours of required support. Therefore, it was necessary to find out how to identify errors and ticket patterns early to allow the cause to be addressed and the issue to be resolved quickly.

YANTRA Solution:

YANTRA Warehouse Management System and YANTRA Mobile were implemented to help solve these problems faced by the customer.

The customer used several ‘off line’ tools to manage the floor staffing and performance.  This lead to numerous issues.  With our YANTRA Warehouse Management System, we highlighted how the WMS audit data with a reporting solution can provide real time stats. This gave the ability for the warehouse operations leads and managers to accurately forecast and track the floor/capacity.  

Given the flexibility of YANTRA WMS, we were able to accommodate for the rapid and sudden supply changes caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. For example, we were able to enable the customer to rapidly test, deploy new shipment lanes, and adjust WMS workflows to shift from using parcel to US mail.

Additionally, with the implementation of YANTRA Mobile, we gave the client the capability of using various smart tablets or scanners.  Since their employees were temporary workers this allowed less training required as smart technology is familiar to anyone using a smart phone, which as a result, greatly reduced user-related errors.

In conclusion, with our combined solutions and expertise, we developed a process that was specifically designed to identify ticket trends and deduce the root cause of any issues. For one example, we determined that all of the shipment waves that were getting stuck were associated with a common customer. Once the core problem was identified, it was fixed within minutes.

YANTRA Value-Add

Our team members identified areas of improvements including performance auditing, purging, replenishment flows, and shipment carrier management. This lead to:

  • Improved customer satisfaction ratings by 20% 
  • 50% reduction in resolution time for production issues
  • Better analysis and faster identification of ticket trends
  • 100% reduction in annual tickets and support efforts needed
  • Easy to scale up support during peak season
  • Free up in-house development resources to work on new initiatives rather than supporting production