Keeping Track of It All – Manage Assets, Inventory, and Events

Inventory management systems are needed more than ever to track, monitor, and manage assets in a variety of different industries. There is especially a rise in businesses that support rental of assets or conduct public and private events.

But finding an IMS to support additional needed features, like tracking asset allocations, monitoring task execution and performing functions via mobile devices is a rare find. Our Yantra IMS module, built from our leading warehouse management technology, does just that and more! 

Key Features

  • Track, monitor, and manage all assets 
  • Real time visibility into your inventory 
  • Seamless integration with existing systems
  • Generate operational and analytical reporting 
  • Supports mobile device interaction 
  • Delivers standard or custom processes across multiple sites or locations
  • Manage users, events, locations for all associated inventory 
  • Populate and optimize task executions for all users for different events
  • Accurately input, reserve, return, restock, and deduct inventory 
  • View, modify, and track work ticket creation and completion for assets
  • Receive proactive alerts for inventory expiration
  • Detailed dashboard to showcase tasks, events, and much more! 

Key Functionality

  • A micro-service of Yantra WMS which supports inventory related processes
  • Comprehensive control of movements within the warehouse to synchronize the movement of products and real time information
  • Inventory tracking is available at a granular level
  • Comprehensive inventory audit trail which provides information about the current and past inventory transactions
  • Complete management of transfer between warehouses
  • Locations provide information about capacity and items which are specifically dedicated to a location.
  • Ability to configure items, units of measure, master catalogs, categories, classifications, and additional item attributes