How to Proactively Monitor and Resolve Your Supply Chain Challenges

In an ever-unpredictable world that is filled with challenges to adapt on the fly, supply chain organizations are realizing that understanding their underlying supply chain data and having the right insights into it is key. This coupled with being able to process the myriad of information across multiple channels while being able to self-heal and course correct on critical performance drivers helps organizations boost order fulfilment and customer service commitment both of which drive customer satisfaction.

YANTRA Control Tower, an intelligent observability and management platform, designed to deliver actionable real-time insights from large sets of data coming from a myriad of Enterprise Applications and technologies whether it may be an OMS/WMS systems like IBM Sterling OMS, YANTRA Commerce, Fluent Commerce, queuing mechanism like Kafka or IBM MQ, different databases like Oracle, MySQL, Postgres etc. and a lot more. Its ability to pull only incremental data, makes it lighter and faster, without putting any load on the data source.

YANTRA Control Tower provides key strategic insights to address the most important questions any organization has like reducing order cycle time, optimizing warehousing operations, improving demand forecasting and reducing inventory holding time, while ensuring optimum inventory availability for customer satisfaction.

YANTRA Control Tower helps businesses improve the end user experience drastically by analyzing transactional and business critical information, identifying bottlenecks and latency issues to quickly improve the response times, all with powerful dashboards that provide drill down capability. It keeps a track of the entire data and quickly responds by taking automated actions to fix issues without manual intervention and notifies the staff immediately to ensure the business does not get impacted and runs smoothly.

Key Benefits

  • Ability to collect and ship data from multiple data sources using light weight shippers
  • Displays near real-time data to take immediate actions
  • Works with various enterprise applications, optimized for Sterling OMS, Fluent Commerce and Yantra Commerce Suite of Applications like Yantra Connect, Yantra Console and Yantra Mobile
  • Supports rapid development of dashboards
  • Built using Elastic Stack for redundancy, scale, and easy deployment
  • Can be deployed on premise or on cloud

Key Features

Proactive monitoring of host systems, enterprise applications, infrastructure, network and business Workflows

  • Monitor availability of host, network device, API, DNS, FTP server
  • Check and verify that website specific endpoints are up and returning the correct text and status codes
  • Monitoring of infrastructure by hosts, Kubernetes pod or Docker containers etc
  • View current and historical values for metrics such as CPU usage, memory usage, and network traffic for each component
  • Monitor network protocols like HTTP from hosts and containers
  • Understand how traffic is flowing through the network
  • Monitoring audit events from the Linux Audit Framework
  • Detect changes to critical files, like binaries and configuration files, identify potential security policy violations

Easy, customizable, and robust alerting solution

  • Automatically create and assign issues via different alerting mechanisms as and when an issue occurs in the application or the host machine
  • Integrates directly with JIRA, ServiceNow, Slack, Email and Teams to enable proactive alerting

Automation for enhancing supply chain process workflows

  • Inbuilt automation capabilities to resolve the issues in the application/host machines and enhance supply chain processes
  • No manual intervention required
  • Supports integration with RPA tools like UiPath etc

Reporting capabilities

  • Generation of Ad-hoc and scheduled reports
  • Allows customization based on filtering criteria
  • Allows scheduled report creation
  • Can be saved instantly as CSV

Inbuilt APM (Application Performance Monitoring) for observability and tracing

  • Collects detailed performance information of the application
  • Displays bottlenecks to zero in on problematic changes
  • Provides code level visibility by showing request flows in entire application
  • Supports distributed tracing using open telemetry

Provides strategic insights and business metrics for key processes within the enterprise applications