Discover the Power of Intuitive Mobility

Today most of us are acclimated to holding substantial computing power in the palm of our hand. Warehousing is one element in the supply chain that utilizes smart technology to get the job done. Mobile warehouse solutions enable improved productivity, accuracy, and transparency in all aspects of their business.

Yantra Mobile, our handheld web based application is designed to increase your warehouse productivity by systematizing time-consuming processes and seamlessly capture data.

Key Features

User Intuitive
The screens are easy to navigate and user friendly
Responsive UI
It can support any screen resolution, from handheld devices to desktop terminals.
Auto Suggest Feature
Based on the key stroke entry in the item and LPN fields, the list of possible combinations is suggested for the user to choose
Field Level Validation 
For every data entry in the application, validations have been added and user friendly messages are being shown for the warehouse operator to act on
Flexible User Access 
Supports multiple warehouses from a single login allowing the capability of completing tasks in any number of warehouses
OS Independent
It is a web based application which can be used in any browser which supports HTML5 and CSS3
User Level Tracing
To debug any process in the warehouse, the trace can be enabled at the user device level which allows for a faster resolution and prevents performance issues
Extensible Framework
The application will allow extensibility and scalability to easily meet additional desired warehouse needs