How to Solve your Enterprise Integration Challenges

Seamless system integration is essential. Yet enterprises still struggle to connect systems with different architecture styles.

Yantra Connect is an enterprise integration platform that accelerates your integrations, thereby reducing implementation time to simplify the mess that can arise when different formats, from services and applications to mainframes, want to integrate with each other. It has standards-based messaging engine that handles message transformations, and message routing to manage business logic for complex ecosystems.

“As our company was architecting a new commerce solution for health care, we were challenged with integrating a mix of Cloud-Hosted and On Prem Solutions (Mirakl Marketplace and WebSphere Commerce were the principle solutions). With Yantra Connect we were able to complete our MVP integration for our enterprise solution and quickly take it to market. As a result of this implementation, we’ve been able to double the suppliers engaged, rapidly deploy new features supported by Yantra Connect, and have successfully met the demand to drive additional commerce during the COVID-19 global pandemic.”

-Eugene Parker, Vice President – Information Technology, Premier Inc.

Product Highlights 

Seamless Plug and Play Integration

  • The platform is designed with the principle of any to any connector that makes development, deployment, and management of data transformation easy to build and manage.
Readily Available Enterprise Adapters
  • Fluent Commerce
  • Mirakl
  • Avalara
  • Yantra WMS
  • Shopify
  • Ultra Commerce
  • PayPal
  • Sterling OMS
Connect Anything to Anything
  • Includes built-in support for a wide range of messaging systems (AMQP, JMS, Kafka), standards (REST, SOAP), databases (SQL/NoSQL), SaaS APIs (Salesforce, S3, SQS), and systems (File, SAP).
Cloud Native: Docker & Kubernetes Ready
  • Container friendly, super lightweight runtimes.
  • Seamlessly works with Docker, Kubernetes, and other cloud-native technologies.
Fast, Proven & Battle Tested
  • Helps drastically reduce integration time through prebuilt connectors.
  • Scales up to process millions of transactions across various deployments with faster integration run-time.
Microservice or ESB Style Integration
  • Supports distributed integrations as well as conventional, centralized integrations.
GraphQL Support
  • Adopted client-side GraphQL mechanism to cater latest API transition.
Observability & Traceability
  • Provides out-of-the-box observability capabilities for collecting metrics, as well as logging, tracing, and visualizing messages to ensure data consistency and traceability.
  • These are provided through multiple tools, including Yantra Control Tower, Prometheus, and Jaeger.